What Is Some Information on Geocaching for Kids?


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Geocaching for kids involves finding caches using GPS technology, and kids are more likely to enjoy it if the cache is an appropriate difficulty level and they feel included in the search. Kids also tend to like caches with items for them to take.

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While people often use handheld GPS units for geocaching, a smartphone GPS application is another option. Another way to locate caches is the database on Geocaching.com, as of 2015. The site offers both free and premium content.

Each cache includes a name and GPS coordinates. Caches also have difficulty and terrain ratings between one and five, with one being the easiest and five being the most challenging. The difficulty rating indicates how hard it is to find the cache, while the terrain rating indicates how challenging the terrain is on the way to the cache. Kids without much geocaching experience should choose caches with ratings of one or two in both difficulty and terrain. As they gain more experience, they can choose harder caches.

Kids enjoy geocaching more when they contribute instead of just watching others look for the cache. Bringing snacks and looking for caches that have items are other ways to keep kids interested. Some caches have items, while others contain a logbook for people to sign.

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