What Information Is Found on a Ukulele Chord Chart?


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Ukulele chord charts provide finger position diagrams for common ukulele chords. Finger positions depend on the tuning of the ukulele. Some ukulele chord charts provide chords for beginners, while others are designed for more advanced players.

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What Information Is Found on a Ukulele Chord Chart?
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UkuChords.com provides free chord charts for soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles in standard tuning. The comprehensive charts include 180 chord diagrams, including all major and minor chords. The charts also include other types of chords, such as augmented, diminished, sixth, seventh and ninth chords.

Ukulele-Chords.com also provides free ukulele chord charts. The site provides different chord charts for players of different levels. Several chord charts are available for beginners. The first type of chord chart consists of the eight most basic chords for beginners. This chart is available for ukuleles in standard tuning and in baritone tuning. A different chart for beginners expands upon those eight basic chords to include all 24 major and minor ukulele chords in standard tuning.

As of 2015, Ukulele-Chords.com provides two chord charts in standard tuning designed for intermediate and advanced players. The first contains 96 of the most common ukulele chords, including seventh, suspended and augmented chords. The second chart is a more complete chart, including sixth chords as well as suspended and augmented chords that are not included on the first chart.

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