What Information Is on Euchre Tournament Sheets?


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Euchre tournament scoring sheets generally include the round number, match-up, round score and total score. Scoring sheets for tournaments large enough to require multiple tables generally show the table used for each round as well. Each player is assigned a number in order to easily convey who played whom in a particular round.

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Within a round, each team's score is generally kept using the smaller cards not used in the game of euchre. A team with nine points displays the information using a four and a five. A team with eight points needs more than just a five card, but does not have the full value of the four to go with it. A third card is placed on the four such that one of its four pips is obscured, making the total number shown eight.

Play begins with the establishment of a trump suit that beats every other suit regardless of numerical value. The team that picked the trump suit is called the makers, and they score points for winning three out of five tricks with a bonus for sweeping all five. The other team is the defenders, and they score via an euchre for denying the makers' ambitions. Actual gameplay involves one player leading with any card, and the others responding with a card of the same suit, if possible. Highest card takes the trick.

Euchre is played with one joker called the Benny, which acts as the highest card. The jack of the trump suit is the second best card, followed by the jack of the same color as the trump suit. The rest of the deck consists of nines and up, valued in the traditional way. Points are added to the scoresheet after five tricks are played.

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