What Is Some Information About the 2D Minecraft Game?


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The 2D Minecraft game, known as “Mine Blocks,” is a 2D version of the popular 3D game “Minecraft.” When starting a new game, players can choose to create a new world or load a world from a previous game.

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With new worlds in “Mine Blocks,” players can name their world, change the seed account, choose if they want cheats enabled and define if they want to play a game of survival or creation. Just like in “Minecraft,” survival mode puts the player in a randomly generated world where he has to fight creepers to stay alive. The overall goal is to defeat the Ender Dragon. In creation mode, players have endless resources to create any structures that they can imagine.

Players use both a computer mouse and keyboard to play “Mine Blocks.” The A, W, S and D or arrow keys move the player around. To mine, they use the mouse to position the red cursor over any block and then click and hold the left mouse button until a block breaks.

To place a block, players need to scroll with the mouse wheel to select an item from their tool bar, which is at the bottom of the screen. They can also select a block by pressing the number key that corresponds with the block that they want to use. Next, they have to hold down the Shift key, use the mouse to position the green cursor over the area on which they wish to place the block and then left click to place the block.

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