What Are Some Inexpensive Steel Guitar Pedals?


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Inexpensive steel guitar pedals for sale include the Rogue RLS-1, SX Lap 1 Nat and Hadean Labradoodle. The price of the Hadean Labradoodle is between $65 and $85, as of 2015. Both the Rogue RLS-1 and SX Lap 1 Nat cost $90 to $200, as of 2015.

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Morrell lap steel guitars are another affordable option, although these are more expensive than the three mentioned. Morrell guitars have models that cost between $250 and $350. They also have upscale models that cost upwards of $500.

It's also worth considering a quality used lap steel guitar. Used guitars may require setting up to fit a buyer's personal style and physical size, but dealers often include this service at little or no extra charge. Some online sellers perform basic setup before shipping the guitar.

When buying a lap steel guitar, it's important to buy the best quality lap steel that you can afford. Guitarists who aren't happy with their purchase often keep trading up their instruments, and when they finally find an instrument worth playing, the amount that they have spent overall could have been used to buy a pricier instrument in the first place. It also helps to research the manufacturer of the lap steel guitar to learn whether it has a reputation for building quality instruments.

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