What Are Indoor Party Games for Adults?

indoor-party-games-adults Credit: nigelpepper/CC-BY 2.0

Balloon stomp, battle of the sexes, charades and marshmallow tosses are all games that can be played indoors by adults. These games require minimal props and will provide entertainment for large groups of adults.

To play balloon stomp, the partygoers should form into two teams and blow up a number of balloons corresponding with the number of people on the team. The object of the game is to pop as many balloons of the other team as possible. When the timer goes off, the team with the most balloons left wins.

Battle of the sexes is a game that does not require much physical activity. Men and women should split into two groups and each group should be asked questions that relate to the opposite sex. The team who answers the most correct wins.

Charades is a game that provides fun and can be an ice breaker. The first person to take a turn should act out a movie, place, thing or person. The other partygoers must guess what the person is based only on the actor's actions.

Marshmallow toss is best for smaller groups of adults. Teams of two should be formed and there should be a thrower as well as a catcher. The thrower will toss the marshmallows into the catcher's mouth. The team who catches the most marshmallows wins the game.