How Does an Individual Sew Patches on a Leather Jacket?

The best way to sew patches on a leather jacket is to secure the patch in place with glue or tape, lay the jacket on a flat surface and then use a heavy needle and thread to sew on the patch. Patches can either be sewn through the lining or just through the leather, leaving the lining intact.

While it can be intimidating to sew a leather jacket, it's really the best way to apply patches. Only gluing the patches on opens up the possibility that the patches will come off, leaving discolored areas on the jacket.

  1. Gather the supplies
  2. The supplies needed for this project are patches, heavy-duty needle, heavy nylon or polyester thread and fabric glue or tape.
  3. Secure the patch in place
  4. Decide where the patch will look best on the jacket. Pin it in place with a bit of fabric glue, fabric tape or even adhesive tape. Be sure the patch is straight.
  5. Sew the patch onto the jacket
  6. Usually the patches are sewn on through the jacket's lining. If not, remove the bottom stitching on the lining to work the needle and thread through the patch and the jacket only.

One of the best sewing method is to loop the thread around the edge of the patch. It can also be sewn on by a running stitch close to the edge. Use a slip knot on the underside when finished, and re-sew the lining, if necessary.

Another option is to use a sewing machine. Use either a straight or zig-zag stitch and cut the loose ends of the thread close to the patch when complete.