How Do You Increase an Afghan to a Queen-Size Bedspread on a Crochet Pattern?

Crocheting your own afghans is a fun way to decorate your bedroom because you can customize the color, yarn, and pattern. Sometimes, however, you find a pattern that is the wrong size. Fortunately, it is usually easy to adjust the size of an afghan to a queen size with just a few simple steps.

  1. Decide what size you need the afghan to be

    A queen size blanket is typically 60 x 80 inches. That is really only a few inches on each side larger than a full so you might be able to adjust a full pattern very slightly to make it large enough to fit comfortably on a queen-size bed.

  2. Study the pattern to see what options are available

    Depending on the type of afghan pattern, you can do different things to make the blanket larger. If it is a granny-square type, or any blanket that is composed of various squares or shapes, simply add more squares to get the size you want. Add a thick outer edge to any afghan to make it larger. If the pattern is for a small afghan, such as a crib size, you could make several of the original pattern size and stitch them together.

  3. Choose a larger needle gauge or thicker yarn

    If the pattern itself cannot be adjusted, you can make the blanket quite a bit larger by just using a larger crochet hook. Hooks come in multiple sizes, all the way up to a 50, or a 25 mm hook. Using that hook would make even a small granny square very large. Using a thick yarn can also make an afghan quite a bit larger without changing the pattern at all.

  4. Alter the pattern

    If absolutely necessary, alter the pattern at the most basic level. For example, double the rows of certain stitches, increase the width of different bands in the blanket, or duplicate parts of the pattern to add more length or width. This would be more work than the other options, but the outcome might have a more symmetrical look for tricky and complicated patterns.