What Is Included in the CrazyCraft Modification for Minecraft?


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CrazyCraft 2.2, released in October 2014, adds 70 mods to Minecraft, introducing new mobs, structures, weapons and other items. It bills itself as a complete reinvention of Minecraft. In 2014, Double Up Gaming named it one of the top 10 Minecraft mods of the year.

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CrazyCraft 2.2 is considered complete according to the changelog. Versions 2.1 and 2.2 saw the addition of the mod MapWriter, the update of Orespawn and Morph, and the removal of Dimensional Doors, Zans Minimap, Hamsterrific and Dragon Mounts.

Mods are an auxiliary part of the Minecraft experience that allow players to customize the gameplay or world. Mods are generally client- or server-based. CrazyCraft is a mod pack, referring to a collection of mods that have been compiled and tested for compatibility issues. Voids Wrath, the releaser of CrazyCraft, designed the mod pack to create a randomized and bizarre gameplay experience.

Originally created by Markus Persson, Minecraft is an indie open-world game that allows players free reign to build whatever they please. The game saw a spike in popularity and fame in 2010 when a YouTube video of one player recreating the Starship Enterprise went viral. Minecraft was officially released in November 2011, though developer Jens Bergensten took over control of the game and updates to allow Persson to focus on other projects.

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