What Are Some "IMVU" Money Cheats?

According to GameWinners, there are no money cheats for “IMVU.” There are cheats, however, for players to change the look of their avatars. For example, players are able to change to a male avatar by typing the command “*use 191.” A female avatar is accessible in the same way by typing the command “*use 80.”

GameWinners says that there are also glitches in “IMVU.” One glitch includes the ability for players to clone their furniture. To activate this glitch, players need to click on the My 3D Room button. Once they are in the room, they need to click on the Edit Mode button, and then choose the furniture they want to clone. Once selected, click the “Clone” button. Players can do this as many times as they desire.

According to CrunchBase, “IMVU” is an online social entertainment game in which players create their own 3D avatars. Then, the players use the avatars to interact with other players in the game world. The company that created this game, IMVU, Inc., was founded in 2004. As of 2014, IMVU had more than 100 million registered user accounts from around the world. It also had one of the largest virtual goods catalogs, offering players more than 10 million items with which to interact.