What Are Some Important Rules of the Bocce Ball Game?


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Bocce ball is a game played with two teams, each comprised of one, two or four players. Each team has four bocci balls with which to play, and they are divided equally among players. Each team tosses the bocci balls as close to the pallina ball as possible.

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What Are Some Important Rules of the Bocce Ball Game?
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The pallina ball is tossed out first by team one and then the same player tosses a bocci ball as close to the pallina as possible without touching it. Team two then tosses their first ball trying to get closer than team two. If they succeed, it is then again team one's turn and, if not, they continue to toss bocci balls until they do. The round proceeds until all teams are out of balls. The team with the closest bocci ball to the pallina is the scoring team. Points are awarded for each ball that is closer to the pallina than the opposite team's closest ball. The end of the game is when one team reaches 16 points.

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