What Important Information Should You Know About "Minecraft"?


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"Minecraft" requires the user's PC to meet minimum standards in order to run the game. A working Internet connection is also required to use all the features available on "Minecraft." This allows players to play on online servers and with other players, whether through collaboration or competitively.

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The current minimum system requirements for "Minecraft" can be found directly on Mojang's support site. They not only outline the minimum values for CPU, GPU, RAM, and HDD required of a user's PC, but also they recommend values to ensure an optimal experience.

The official "Minecraft" and Mojang websites provide resources on how to play the game and troubleshooting, respectively. The online "Minecraft" tutorials include discussion on the different game modes, Creative and Survival, as well as the mechanics that the player sees and needs to progress throughout the game, such as what blocks are, different materials, how to mine and how to build. Online communities endorsed by the official "Minecraft" team are dedicated to helping and collaborating with other online players.

Mojang, the development company behind "Minecraft," provides assistance with any technical and service issues related to the game. These include account troubleshooting, debugging, server maintenance and various reporting of glitches. Mojang's online help site is open to all users who have an account and allows any player to ask for direct help with most any issue, whether in-game or technical.

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