Who Is Immol'thar in "World of Warcraft"?


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Immol'thar is an ancient void terror found in Dire Maul West. The non-playable character is a level 61 elite boss in the Dire Maul West wing, also known as Capitol Gardens, of the Dire Maul instance.

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Immol'thar is a demon summoned and imprisoned by the Highborne, or Shen'dralar, elves led by Prince Tortheldrin. The ancient Highborne siphoned Immol'thar's demonic energies and gained immortality. Centuries later, Prince Tortheldrin turned on his fellow Shen'dralar and began to slay them to maintain his own powers and control of Immol'thar's prison. Immol'thar is the subject of the quest The Madness Within, as the player must defeat Immol'thar to defeat Prince Tortheldrin.

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