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Illuminati, by Steve Jackson Games, is a card game in which players take the role of vast conspiracies competing to dominate the world. Each group extends its power by building a network of subsidiary groups, creating elaborate networks of control. While it originated as a self-contained card game, a collectible version was released in 1994 called Illuminati: New World Order.

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In Illuminati, the master conspiracy factions directly controlled by players build their power networks by dominating other groups who are represented by cards. For instance, the UFO conspiracy might take over the CIA and then use the clandestine agency to control the Boy Scouts, the Mafia and the comic book industry. Each player can win by either building up enough power or by fulfilling the special goal unique to their chosen Illuminati faction. The Discordians, for example, can win by taking over a wide variety of other groups, while the Servants of Cthulhu can win by actively destroying them.

Illuminati is one of the most enduring games created by Steve Jackson Games, and it celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2012. Over the years, multiple expansions have updated the secret societies available to players as well as the power groups to control, all with the company's trademark tongue-in-cheek style.

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