How Do You Identify Your Xbox Version?


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To identify your Xbox One console's operating system version, turn the console on, load the Home screen, open the guide, navigate to the System menu and select Console Info & Updates. On the Xbox 360 model, load the Home screen, go to the settings hub, navigate to the System tile, select Console Settings and highlight System Info.

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To find your current Xbox One operating system version number, scroll left from Home to open the guide. In the menu screens that follow, select Setting, then All Settings, then System and finally Console Info & Updates. The operating system version number is listed in the third row down on the right. If you need to find your operating system number in the middle of a system update, hold down the left and right triggers and the left and right bumpers on your Xbox One controller at the same time. The version number is listed as Build on the second line down.

On the Xbox 360, go to the Settings hub and select the System tile. Select Console Settings and highlight System Info to find your current Dashboard settings and IP address. The operating system version number is listed in the gray pane, after the Dashboard heading, next to the Console Settings menu.

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