How Do You Identify Pottery Makers' Marks?

How Do You Identify Pottery Makers' Marks?

How Do You Identify Pottery Makers' Marks?

Pottery marks help identify the country of origin, manufacture date and the maker of specific pieces or whole collections. Typically found on the bottom or sides of pottery, these marks help collectors determine overall value. Research then allows you to learn what the mark means and the value it gives to the pottery.

  1. Locate the pottery mark

    Carefully examine the pottery to locate the mark. Look for an insignia that includes the company or artist's name. Some marks include the company or artist's initials, while others also include the country of origin and manufacture date.

  2. Determine the authenticity of the pottery mark

    Compare the pottery mark to other marks authenticated by antique dealers or seasoned pottery collectors. Research image catalogs and websites to find images of marks used consistently by pottery companies or artists. Compare the color, font, wording, position of the mark on the pottery and other characteristics to determine authenticity.

  3. Learn more about specific pottery marks

    Research specific marks to determine the overall value of the pottery, the manufacture year or country of origin if this information isn't part of the pottery mark. Pottery collections, for example, may be worth more than the individual pieces. Rare marks and those made by professional or popular artists typically attract more collectors and antique dealers, which may increase the value of the pottery.