How Do You Identify a Noritake China Pattern?


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Identify Noritake china patterns by looking at the bottom to check for authenticity and researching the four-digit numbers stamped there. This china pattern is made in Japan, and many older pieces need additional research.

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How Do You Identify a Noritake China Pattern?
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  1. Check newer pieces for pattern name

    The Noritake company places the pattern name on the bottom of their newer dinnerware and decor items.

  2. Look for the company mark on the bottom of older pieces

    For older pieces, turn over the piece of China and look for the words “hand painted” above a wreath with an “M” inside of it. Additionally, the word “Nippon” is located just underneath the wreath. If there is a number stamped instead of these markings, additional steps are needed to identify the specific piece and pattern.

  3. Visit the Noritake company website

    Sign up for an account at the Noritake website and enter the digits located on the bottom of the piece. The database should return the item name, where and when it was made, and the specific collection and pattern style.

  4. Visit an antique dealer

    If no Internet access is available, visit an antique dealer. These dealers have lists to examine in order to determine the specific collection type, pattern, year of production and accompanying pieces.

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