How Do You Identify Johnny West Dolls?


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Johnny West dolls were produced by the Marx company between 1965 and 1976. Authentic Johnny West dolls are molded plastic with a molded head and hands made of softer, flesh-colored plastic. Most Johnny West dolls featured a caramel-colored body, though the quick-draw version of the doll had a blue plastic body. A Canadian version of the doll has a green body. The clothes on the doll are also molded plastic.

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The original Johnny West dolls have straight hands. Later incarnations of the doll had more curved hands to facilitate the doll holding accessories. Some of the dolls also had rivets in the body for reinforcement. The quick-draw doll had a lever in the back and a different right arm to hold the pistol.

There were a total of 24 accessories for the doll. Some of the accessories were made of the softer plastic, while others were dark brown and made of harder plastic. Some versions of the doll came with the softer accessories in red and blue rather than light brown.

The accessories include a pistol, chaps, a vest, a horse, spurs, a coffee pot, a cowboy hat, a holster, a skillet and a canteen. The molds used to make these accessories were also used to make some accessories for later lines of toys, including the Marx Best of the West Line.

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