What Are Some Ideas for Using a Corkboard?


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A cork board or piece of cork sheeting can be decorated to create a personalized message board or calendar. It can also be outfitted with storage hardware and converted into a jewelry or accessory organizer. For smaller crafts, such as homemade coasters, cork boards can be cut into pieces and embellished with a custom design.

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A resilient cork board surface is ideal for posting memos or photos using pushpins and tacks. Adults and children can personalize message boards by adding a decorative frame or covering the surface with eye-catching fabric. Home crafters can also paint the cork board using art stencils, or create a collage background by layering printed images and souvenirs, such as postcards, personal artwork and album covers.

A cork-board display can clean up a cluttered jewelry collection. Similar to the memo-board project, the jewelry organizer can be decorated with stylish printed paper or framed to complement bedroom décor. Sturdy tacks or metal hooks can be positioned around the board and used to hang necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry. This flexible setup allows the owner to rearrange the hooks as storage needs change and prevents long chains from becoming tangled.

For personalized drinking coasters, home decorators can use box cutters to cut cork board into custom shapes, such as squares, circles and letters. Coasters can be decorated with paint and glitter designs, or embellished with printed images or lace using decoupage techniques and liquid-resistant sealants.

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