What Are Some Ideas for Storybook Character Costumes?


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A few storybook character costume ideas include Little Red Riding Hood, Little Miss Muffet, Tarzan, Pinocchio and the Itsy-Bitsy Spider. Although these ideas are ideal for children's Halloween costumes, they can be modified for adults.

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To make a Little Red Riding Hood costume, dress your child in a white shirt, and add a red velvet cape. For a Little Miss Muffet costume, find a frilly pink dress and a white bonnet, and give your child a toy or stuffed spider to hold. Make a Tarzan costume by tying animal-print fabric around your child, or create a Pinnochio costume using red shorts and a black vest. Use glue to make a yellow felt hat, and add an oversized blue tie to complete the look.

For an Itsy-Bitsy Spider costume, cut off the legs of two pairs of tights, and knot them at the ends before stuffing them. Sew the open ends to the side of a t-shirt, connecting the bottom legs, the middle legs and the child's wrists using strips of black elastic. If desired, create a spider mask by slicing a foam ball in half and painting a face onto the rounded portion. Glue several barrettes to the back of the foam, and attach the spider head to the child's hair

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