What Are Some Ideas for Senior Club Activities?


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Senior club activities range from the sedentary, such as weekly book clubs, bridge tournaments and lectures, to more physically challenging activities, such as hikes, yoga and Wii golf. Clubs arrange and sponsor these activities or connect club members with activities available in the community, arranging group outings and providing transportation.

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What Are Some Ideas for Senior Club Activities?
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It's possible to tailor senior club activities to the members' needs, physical abilities and financial resources to ensure maximum participation, by soliciting input from members on a range of possible activities. Do club members' interests in literature lean to the classics, to fiction, to mysteries? If local politics or cultural exploration are among their interests, senior clubs can find or arrange lectures on topics such as aboriginal life in Australia or the pros and cons of the Keystone Pipeline. When planning or arranging hikes or excursions, clubs should arrange for adequate water, food and first aid, and consider a preparation session to review safety considerations or the history and unique features of the location being visited.

Social interaction is important for older adults, so good senior clubs structure activities to include opportunities for discussion. Encouraging each member to share a review or opinion about the trip, topic or activity gives organizers important feedback to help plan new activities. Providing opportunities for volunteer experiences, such as reading to young children or supporting new mothers, are options that benefit both club members and the community.

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