What Are Some Ideas for "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Costumes?

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” a cult play and movie that blends science fiction and horror B movies, provides a variety of inspiration for costumes, from the cross-dressing scientist Dr. Frank N. Furter to Janet Weiss, the demure girl who stumbles across a Transylvanian convention with her boyfriend. Other male characters include Riff Raff (a hunchback servant), Rocky Horror (Furter’s creation), and Brad Majors (Janet’s boyfriend). Female characters include Magenta the maid and Columbia, Furter’s groupie and lab assistant.

To create a Frank N. Furter costume, apply heavy eye makeup and red lipstick, and draw on dramatic black eyebrows. Wear a pearl necklace, a corset, black underwear and a garter belt, as well as fishnet stockings. Complete the outfit with a pair of high heels.

Riff Raff’s costume requires a dirty-looking black suit or tuxedo with a pillow placed in the back to create a hump. Finish the look with a long blond wig. For Rocky's costume, wear a gold bathing suit or shorts, and pair with a short platinum wig. To create a Brad Major costume, wear a button-down shirt, a blue cardigan, khaki pants, a khaki zip-up jacket and oversized glasses.

Janet’s costume includes a white purse and gloves, a barrette, a white cardigan, a light pink dress and low-heeled shoes. Columbia’s costume requires a gold sequined top hat, a sequined jacket, and a red sequined bow tie. Pair these accessories with a pair of black shorts and a black tank top, as well as fishnet stockings.

To recreate Magenta’s uniform, purchase a maid costume or pair a simple black dress with a white apron and feather duster. The makeup look includes white face makeup and dark red lips. Crimp and tease hair until it stands out on either side of the head.