What Are Some Ideas for Reusing Gift Boxes?


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You can use leftover or used gift boxes as extra storage for household or office items. You can also use these boxes to start a craft project or donate to a charity. Their purpose depends on style, sizes and durability.

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Small gift boxes store coins, jewelry, nail polishes, paper clips and extra credit cards. Place these boxes on various household tables. Label them, and add items as needed. Medium and big boxes store clothing, small toys, and magazines and newspapers.

Use pins or nails to hang boxes on the walls of a reading room. Place a few magazines, books or newspapers inside them. Beware of straining the gift boxes by adding too many heavy books or magazines.

Donate the boxes to churches, orphanages, thrift stores and nonprofits. These organizations usually resell gift boxes, or reuse them at events. Birthday Wishes is an organization that hosts birthday parties for homeless children. It accepts gift box donations and uses them as packaging for presents.

One gift box craft project is a do it yourself wall frame. Glue or tape a portrait to the box, and then use mounting tape to hang it on the wall. Wall calendars, origami animals, cards and paper flowers are a few other craft projects that can use gift boxes.

You can also use pieces of gift boxes to decorate scrapbooks. Disassemble the boxes, cut them into various styles and shapes and then glue the pieces to pages in the scrapbook.

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