What Are Some Ideas for Quick, Easy Halloween Costumes?

What Are Some Ideas for Quick, Easy Halloween Costumes?

Some quick, easy Halloween costumes include a bag of jelly beans, a ghost, a mime and a mummy. These simple costumes are all easy to throw together at the last minute.

A bag of jelly beans costume is noticeable and colorful but requires very little effort. A clear trash bag with holes for arms and legs forms the exterior of the costume, and blown-up balloons serve as the jelly beans inside. For extra flair, write nutritional facts on the back of the garbage bag.

A ghost is simultaneously one of the simplest and most iconic Halloween costumes. All it takes is a white sheet with some holes cut for the eyes. More elaborate designs feature an entire face cutout and ghostly makeup.

A mime is another simple costume that only requires a bit of white face paint and a simple outfit. Trick or treaters only need to paint their faces white and dress in either all black or a shirt with black and white stripes. White gloves tie the outfit together.

A mummy is another classic monster costume that requires very little effort. The costume only requires white clothes and a generous helping of toilet paper to wrap around them. More elaborate costumers can add fake blood or makeup for an even spookier appearance.