What Are Some Ideas for Organizing Toys?


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Families can keep toys organized with multifunctional furnishings and accessories, such as bookcases, crates, under-bed drawers, storage benches and racks, fabric bins, mobile containers, and wicker baskets. Shoe organizers, mason jars and hanging baskets are ideal for keeping small toys or art supplies stored neatly on walls or doors.

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Plastic storage containers and benches with built-in cubbyholes offer spacious compartments that can fit large toys, and many manufacturers offer stackable products. Parents can label compartments with text or simple pictures so young children know where different toys and supplies belong. In homes with limited space, families can adapt bookcases by outfitting a few shelves with storage bins.

Wicker baskets and mobile storage bins are ideal for parents and kids who frequently scour their homes for loose toys. These storage options are easy to carry or push and allow flexibility when a child doesn't have a designated play space. Mason jars can keep tiny toy accessories or arts and crafts supplies contained, and parents can color code them to improve organization. Their transparent design allows children to quickly identify the contents.

Using walls and the backs of doors for storage saves floor space and reduces clutter. Parents can mount storage bins, sacks and baskets or repurpose other types of containers, such as old planters. Plastic shoe organizers with transparent storage pouches are useful for managing a large collection of dolls or action figures.

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