What Are Some Ideas for Making a Scarecrow?


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Making a scarecrow is simple with a variety of common materials, including a broom handle, garden stakes, twine, clothing and straw. Using a hammer and nails, anyone is able to assemble the materials into a scarecrow for decorative purposes or to keep crops free of predatory birds and other wildlife.

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A broom or rake handle or long wooden stake with a shorter, wooden stake hammered cross-wise midway up makes an ideal frame. It is simplest to stuff clothing and the head with straw prior to attaching them to the frame. In addition to a shirt and pants or a pair of overalls, stuffed gloves and socks round out the scarecrow's lower body. The head is easily made from a stuffed pillow case or using a plastic gallon milk jug. Suspenders help keep the scarecrow's pants from falling down.

To ensure crows and other potential garden or field interlopers see the scarecrow, many people embellish the props with brightly colored buttons, shiny ribbon, beads and other eye-catching accessories. Along with crows, starlings and black birds tend to notice the color red.

If straw isn't readily available, other types of stuffing that work include wood chips, grass clippings, rags or leaves. Coarse materials are better for large parts of the figure, such as legs, chest and arms, while finer materials work well in gloves.

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