What Are Some Ideas for Making Personalized Quilt Labels?

What Are Some Ideas for Making Personalized Quilt Labels?

Personalized quilt labels can be embroidered, handwritten, or printed. They can either be incorporated into the quilt construction or added after the quilt is complete.

Embroidery is one of the oldest methods of labeling a quilt. As of 2015, quilters have the option of using either hand or machine embroidery. An embroidered label can be stitched directly onto the backing fabric. It can also be embroidered onto a separate piece of fabric, which is then either appliquéd onto the quilt or pieced into the backing fabric.

Another popular method of labeling a quilt is to sign the quilt by hand using indelible ink. It is important to use a pen that does not bleed through the batting and front fabric and that does not fade over time. The information can also be penned onto a separate piece of fabric and then attached to the quilt.

It is easy to print a quilt label directly onto fabric using freezer paper and an ink jet printer. Instructions for this method can be found at Craftsy.com or Instructables.com. Numerous quilt label templates can be found by searching Pinterest and Etsy.

Quilt label information often includes the name of the quilt, the name of the quilter, the geographic location where the quilt was made and the date the quilt was completed. Some quilters also include quotes, Bible verses or the name of the quilt recipient.