What Are Some Ideas for Making Your Own Blanket?


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Some ideas for a homemade blanket include the fleece tie blanket, a single-layer braided fleece blanket and a simple two-sided blanket. These options use simple designs with minimal sewing knowledge required.

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A fleece tie blanket requires two blanket-sized sheets of fleece fabric in complementary colors or patterns. After laying the blankets together with right sides out, the individual cuts squares from the corners and forms slits of equal depth and width along the edges. Knotting the matching strips from each sheet of fabric creates a strong blanket with fringes and two warm layers.

A single-braided fleece blanket follows the same fringe-cutting design of the tie blanket, but it uses only one piece of fleece. Instead of knotting the fringes, the individual pokes a hole near the end of a fringe and brings the fringe to the right through the hole. The next fringe to the left fits through a hole poked into this fringe, and the process continues around the blanket perimeter to form a braid.

A simple two-sided blanket includes two pieces of fleece or other fabric with right sides facing each other and edges matching. Pins hold the fabric in place, and a stitch 1/2 inch into the blanket connects them with 4 inches open on one corner. After inverting the blanket through the hole to cover the seam, the individual can sew up the hole.

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