What Are Some Ideas to Make Mason Jars Centerpieces?

For a colorful, organic centerpiece, fill a large mason jar with thick slices of fresh lemon. The slices should lay flat against the inside of the jar without gaps. Create a soft contrast by pairing the lemon jars with white blossoms, such as hyacinths. For a rustic variant, fill the jar with lime slices. Tie a wide strip of burlap around the jar, secure it with ribbon, and pair the jar with vibrantly colored flowers, such as yellow daffodils.

Apply paint to mason jars in creative ways, and choose flowers or candles to offset the design. For example, wrap a jar tightly with fishnet to create a detailed stencil pattern, and spray the jar with gold or silver paint for an elegant finish. You can also use stencils with specialty spray paint to create a frosted finish. Another option is to dip the bottom of a jar in paint or glitter or to spray the inside for a glossier appearance. Use tape to create a perfectly straight edge on the design, or cut a pattern on the tape using craft scissors for a decorative edge.

Create an outdoor-inspired centerpiece by gluing twigs of roughly the same shape and size around the entire body of the mason jar. With colorful flowers in the jar, the twigs appear to branch off into beautiful blossoms. Complement large flower blossoms by wrapping the mason jar with bright silk fabric and cinching the material at the jar mouth, creating a loose drape.