What Are Some Ideas for a Kid's Game of Charades?

Play a kid's game of charades by acting out movies, favorite activities, fairy tales, or even books and television shows. Animals, celebrities or hobbies are some more options for a children's game of charades.

Charades is a classic, all-inclusive game that involves children and adults alike. It is played by two teams, each of which take turns having one team member act out a person, place, action or thing. It is up to the actor's team to guess what person or thing she is acting out. No talking at any time on the part of the acting team member is one of the most important rules, while the actor's team is free to guess out loud.

To play with children, choose a familiar object, movie or action, so that kids can come up with the answer. Children can act out the scenes from their favorite movies, books or television shows, or they can perform actions such as playing soccer or brushing their teeth. They can also act out characters, such as Rapunzel, Pippi Longstocking or Shrek. For a challenging yet enjoyable game of charades, the inclusion of animals, such as birds and reptiles, can produce some hilarious acting performances by the kids.