What Are Some Ideas for a Jungle Costume?

One idea for a jungle costume is to wear animal print outfits in the style of fictional jungle characters such as Tarzan or his wife Jane. Another idea is to dress like a safari tourist by wearing a traditional khaki outfit.

Common jungle-themed costumes include outfits inspired by famous fictional characters, such as Tarzan, his wife Jane, Mowgli from "The Jungle Book" and George from "George of the Jungle." Outfits inspired by traditional safari or jungle hunting costumes are also a popular jungle-themed outfits. Other creative jungle-themed costume ideas include dressing like animals found in jungles, such as gorillas, tigers, monkeys and leopards.

While most costume stores carry jungle-themed costumes, there are also simple options for homemade jungle costumes. One simple way to dress like Tarzan is to drape an animal print fabric over one shoulder so that it hangs at an equal length on both sides of the body. Pull the fabric at the waist in the front and back so that it fully covers the lower torso, and tie it secure with rope.

To make a simple Jane jungle costume, find a knee-length animal fabric print dress, and cut a jagged trim along the bottom hem to create a jagged look. A halter dress or spaghetti strap dress works particularly well for this outfit. For a homemade safari jungle costume, put on a khaki-colored button down shirt, khaki shorts, hiking boots and a safari hat.