What Are Some Ideas for Images to Illustrate a Book or Paper About Veterans Day?


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Some ideas for images to illustrate a book or paper about Veterans Day include depictions of soldiers before, during or after combat as well as drawings of soldier accessories such as fatigues, weapons or medals. Other concepts are images of the life of retired veterans, yellow ribbons or red poppies.

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Images for illustrating a book or paper about Veteran's Day should reflect the information within the project and stay in line with its overall tone. For example, if the paper discusses the hardships veterans face after leaving the service, the images may include pictures or drawings of a veteran's hospital, men and women looking for work or a veteran's cemetery. Alternately, if the book has an overall theme of gratefulness for the actions of veterans, the images may depict people in combat, preparing for deployment or standing near an American flag.

In both cases, the images also include yellow ribbons or red poppies, which are the official symbols of American veterans. Each year, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs publishes a commemorative poster for Veterans Day and makes the image, along with past images, available on its website for use as inspiration. The posters include imagery that honors and supports veterans, such as soldiers in various types of uniforms, war memorials and different types of medals for service.

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