What Are Some Ideas for Honey Bee Crafts?

What Are Some Ideas for Honey Bee Crafts?

Some ideas for honey bee crafts are making a honey bee from a footprint and making a beehive and bees using cereal and fingerprints. Another idea is to create a honey bee from a clay pot.

To make a footprint honey bee, simply paint a foot yellow and press it on a paper to make a footprint. Then add googly eyes and black stripes, wings and facial features with a black marker.

To make a cereal beehive, use white glue to attach honeycomb cereal onto a page to make the image of a beehive. Then create yellow and black finger prints to form the body and the head of the bee on the page. When the paint dries, add the antennae, stripes and wings using black markers. Finally, if desired, add scenery by coloring in the page.

Required materials for a clay pot honey bee are a 2 1/2-inch clay pot, small dark yellow pom poms, googly eyes, black pipe cleaners and a 2-inch wooden ball. Additional items are black and yellow acrylic paint, aluminum wire form, foam brushes, a fine line brush and Tacky glue or a hot glue gun.

To make the bee, paint the pot yellow and the wooden ball black. After the pot dries, paint the rim of the pot and the stripes black. When dry, glue the wooden ball to the pot base. Then, shape pipe cleaner to make antennae with yellow balls glued to the end. Glue the antenna and eyes to the head. Form wings from the aluminum, and attach them to the bee. Finally, paint on facial features with the fine line brush.