What Are Some Ideas for Homemade Halloween Costumes?


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Some ideas for homemade costumes are a bag of jellybeans, a mummy, a mime and a tourist. Other ideas include a paper doll and a jellyfish.

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To make a bag of jellybeans costume, cut arm and leg holes in a large clear plastic bag. Print nutritional information on one side of the bag. Put the bag on, and fill it with colored balloons before tying at the neck.

To make a mummy costume, paint the face white, wear white clothing and wrap the body in gauze or ace bandages. Toilet paper can be used as an alternative, though it won't hold up as well in wet weather.

To look like a mime, paint the face white, and wear black and white clothing. Wear suspenders and white gloves for added detail.

To make a tourist costume, wear cargo shorts and white calf-length socks. Make sure to wear a big camera around the neck.

To make a paper doll costume, design and cut clothing shapes out of poster board. Be sure to leave some square tabs on the edges of the cut outs. Then, tape the cut outs to real clothes.

For a jellyfish costume, wear all white or silver clothing and shoes. Attach white, clear or iridescent wire ribbon to the bottom of a clear umbrella, and hold the umbrella over the head.

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