What Are Some Ideas for Handmade Wind Chimes?


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Handmade wind chimes can be made out of a variety of materials, including coffee cans, silverware and bottle caps. Mugs, colored glass and keys are other items that make for interesting homemade wind chimes.

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The base of a set of wind chimes can be made from cut wood or interesting branches. Other creative bases can be formed from mason jars and lids from cans. From there, items can be attached using string, yarn or twine. Metal can also be shaped and twisted as adornments for the chosen wind chime items.

Creative crafters have hung items such as cheese graters and cookie cutters for kitchen-themed wind chimes. Another option with a related theme can be created by using a whisk as a base, with attached spoons. Spreading out the individual metal pieces of the whisk allows for more movement in the hanging spoons.

Additional interesting looks include using use wine bottles and stones, coins or other found objects to create wind chimes. After cutting off the top portion of the glass bottle, items are then hung through the mouth of the bottle, allowing them to swing freely which creates a musical sound when hitting the sides of the bottles. A similar idea can be created using flower pots which are hung upside down in decreasing size with utensils, such as spoons, hanging through to the bottom. Sounds are created when the spoon hits the edges, as well as when the pots hit each other.

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