What Are Some Ideas for Good Xbox Gamer Tags?

Examples of Xbox gamer tags include Bullpit, InspiringYou, CanyonsStah, Howello and FlyAngelsWise. Funny Xbox gamer tags include DiseasedLeg, TaserMePlease, [Beef] Combo Platter, Donated Gnome and Ahnestly.

Xbox gamer tags allow fellow Xbox users to identify each other when playing multiple-player games. Gamers also use these tags to message each other, keep track of games played and record statistics. The gamer tag is limited to only 15 characters, though these can include numbers.

Websites such as SpinXO.com and NameGenerator.bix help gamers come up with unique Xbox tags. SpinXO.com allows users to input information such as nicknames, hobbies, personality characteristics, and important words and numbers. The generator uses this information to come up with unique names, such as 68allanact, SwiftBing, SpinnyFunny and HockeySlayer.

NameGenerator.biz is not so specific. However, the site allows users to add prefixes such as Sgt. and Mr. as well as suffixes, such as Xx and Killer. The software uses this information to come up with names, such as xXThirstyKiller, Sgt.QuietGamer and TheWoozyGuy.

Gamers can also come up with their own tags by utilizing ideas from those name generators. For example, while it's unwise for gamers to use their full name, they can use their last name to come up with XxSmithxX, AgentSmith68 or HaloLoverSmith. They can also opt for purely funny tags, such as Screaming Hippy, poor judgement, ET is a ninja or Death by Death.