What Are Some Ideas for a Fortune Teller Costume?


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Wearing a long skirt with bright patterns, choosing a loose blouse with a cream color and topping the blouse with a costume corset or plain vest are good ideas for a fortune teller costume. Wrap a thick, black leather belt around your waist, wear a long, wide headscarf, and use various jewelry and accessories, such as metallic bangles for the arms, large hoop earrings and lengthy necklaces. Choose leather material for footwear, whether you opt for sandals or shoes.

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Any loose blouse, especially an off-shoulder top made from a lightweight material, is a good choice for a fortune teller costume. When choosing skirts, go for long, layered ones and avoid form-hugging skirts. Layer several skirts with varying lengths, and finish the look with a large, bright scarf.

When tying a scarf around your head, let the edges of the scarf hang at the back of your head or on one side. Create a skullcap appearance by tying a square bandanna. Wear soft leather sandals with stone decorations, or select knee-high leather boots that look natural.

To complete your fortune teller costume, prepare tarot cards, a belt pouch and a crystal ball. A paper plate tambourine is another eye-catching gypsy accessory. Carry a black cat with you if you have one to make your gypsy fortune teller costume more interesting.

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