What Are Some Ideas for Fending Off Boredom?


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To fend off boredom, especially when involved in a boring situation, it is helpful to reframe the moment and the accompanying emotions. Some ideas to fend off boredom are to study and learn more about the surrounding environment, create a place of mental refuge, find ways to feel grateful and always bring a book along. Other suggestions are to listen to an audio book or review photographs of loved ones, which is shown to boost the mood.

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A suggestion for fending off boredom and impatience while engaged in an activity, such as waiting for the bus or waiting in a slow line, is to add the word “meditation” to the name of the boring activity. This practice shifts the association with the activity to something wise and high-minded, thereby helping to relieve the boredom and make the time feel productive.

A Chinese theory says that a person passes through boredom and into fascination. This implies that a technique for fending off boredom is to spend more time engaging in boring activities, so as to minimize the overall boredom by going through it. Taking interest in the external environment is another technique for fending off boredom. By addressing the situation with analytical skills, the boring situation becomes intriguing.

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