What Are Some Ideas for Dioramas?


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Some ideas for dioramas include a castle scene, a jungle scene, an underwater scene and a desert scene. Another option is to build a scene around a specific animal like a woodland scene around a fox. The diorama can even be a miniature of a room in the person's house.

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Although dioramas can be built on a variety of surfaces from wooden pedestals and cardboard boxes to the inside of light bulbs, a typical platform and a good starting place is a shoebox. The individual can cut out one side of the shoebox for viewing and decorate the other three sides with the desired scene. For example, to create an underwater scene, he cuts out one of the long sides of the shoebox and paints the other side blue with fish and seaweed for the background. He then covers the bottom with sand and seashells and suspends cutouts of marine life from two dowels running through the top of the box.

Another option is to make a four-scene diorama perched on a round hat box lid. The builder uses two pieces of cardstock and cuts a slit halfway through the long side of each piece. He slides the two pieces of cardstock together at the slit to create four separate square scenes that he can then decorate.

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