What Are Some Ideas for Creating a Bottle Tree?

Creating a bottle tree can be done with a steel round rod, with fence post or tree kit, with an actual tree, or with a premade kit that can be purchased. Individual style is added through the choice of bottles, which can be found or purchased.

To make a bottle tree out of a steel rod, purchase the rod at a local hardware store. From there, steel branches can be constructed and welded together to roughly imitate the shape of a tree.

Simple bottle trees sets are also available for purchase online. A basic tree often holds 10 bottles. It is small in scale, but gives the feel and effect of a bottle tree. Bottle trees can be created from a dead tree as well. Placing bottles on the branches of a dead cedar tree is a simple way to create a bottle tree. Another simple way to create a bottle tree is to use a fence post as a base. Adding wooden pieces to the post allows the bottles to be hung.

Clear bottles can be collected or purchased, with vintage wine bottles available for purchase online. Purchasing bottles may allow for a wider variety of colors for the tree.