What Are Some Ideas for Crafts You Can Sell?

ideas-crafts-can-sell Credit: GoToVan/CC-BY 2.0

Some ideas for crafts you can sell include various types of jewelry, soaps, candles, bags and decorative pillows. Sewing and knitting crafts, such as personalized scarves or pillows, are also ideal for use as inventory in a business, as are decorative items such as wall art and table placements.

Handmade jewelry is a common craft item that people sell because there are numerous patterns and instructions for different types of jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets, that feature clear instructions but also allow for creativity and uniqueness. It is possible to use store-bought items such as beads and blocks, custom metalwork or found objects such as sea shells or stones. Similarly, knitting and sewing crafts also feature base patterns upon which one can infuse different designs and personalization. For example, a basic throw pillow design could include an inspirational phrase or character from a video game or movie.

Chalkboard signs are another craft style that is easy to create and sell. The chalkboards can be any size the creator wants. The signs can be artistic in a number of different ways, including the handwriting style used on the boards. Different colors of chalk can be used, as well as different type sets.

Hand-painted gourds are also something that can be sold on a number of different websites or out of someone's home. The gourds are dried out and are painted in a number of different ways. The paints can be adorned with different items attached to the gourd and made to look different every time they are created. Fill the gourds with something that rattles, such as dried beans, to make them stand out as a unique gift item.

Along these lines, soaps and candles are also crafts that people sell because the components are easy to obtain from online or physical stores and there are many different options for customization. Essential oils add different fragrances, and special dyes allow for the creation of distinct colors. Wall art is also a common craft item to sell because the concept is open to interpretation, meaning that nearly any item from a painting to an old cabinet door can become wall art.