What Are Some Ideas for Cool Homemade Pencil Cases?


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Ideas for cool homemade pencil cases include felt pencil cases and cases made from mail tubes. Many cases can be made with few supplies and are suitable to make with kids for school.

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Felt pencil cases need very few items to be completed. To make these pencil cases, crafters need felt, an embroidery needle, buttons and pinking sheers. The finished cases are soft and button shut instead of snapping. These are ideal for backpacks because the pencils can shift around and don't take up as much room as in a hard pencil case.

The mail tube cases need a few more supplies and take a bit more skill to make, but are still relatively simple. To make the pencil tube case, crafters need double sided tape, mail tube, a foam brush, card stock, patterned paper, a hole punch, craft glue and elastic. Cut the tube so that there is a top and a bottom, then glue or tape the paper to the outside of the tube to decorate it. Roll a piece of cardstock to fit inside the tube and glue it so that it sticks up about a half inch to an inch as a liner. Use the hole punch to make a hole for the elastic and two half holes in the rim in the bottom to hold the elastic when the lid is on.

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