What Are Some Ideas for a Church Valentine's Banquet?

ideas-church-valentine-s-banquet Credit: Susanne Nilsson/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Ideas for a church Valentine's Day banquet include finding the right theme, inviting appropriate speakers and celebrating couples from the congregation. Before planning the event, organizers should decide whether it should include only couples or if it should be a wider celebration that includes children and single people.

A church Valentine's banquet focusing on couples in the church can include fun activities centered on the couples' wedding pictures. Party planners can have each couple submit a photo from their wedding album ahead of time, then use them as the heart of table centerpieces, or create a game around them, with everyone trying to match the pictures to the modern-day couples. Couples can come in costume as couples from the Bible, and the organizer can create a church-oriented version of the Newlywed Game to play.

A couples' banquet can center on romantic love or Biblical couples, while a more general Valentine's banquet that includes families and single people can focus more on the love of God. If a speaker is planned, a likely choice is someone from the congregation whose relationship stands as an example for younger couples.

Other ideas for church Valentine's parties include a mother-daughter tea, a banquet or party at a retirement home to give elderly people who may be lonely a reason to celebrate.