What Are Some Ideas for Christmas Crafts?


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One idea for a Christmas craft is to make cookie cutter ornaments for the tree. Another is to make a card garland using clothespins, glue and a length of ribbon.

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To make cookie cutter ornaments, gather several aluminum cookie cutters. Trace the cutters on a variety of patterned paper or photos printed on card stock. It can be fun to use old family pictures for this project. Carefully cut around out the traced pattern, then dab white craft glue along the edges. Press the glued side of the pattern to one side of the cookie cutter so that the picture shows through the other side. Thread a needle with a thin piece of ribbon and run it between the photo or paper and the cookie cutter, and then wrap it around to form a loop. Slide a bead onto the ribbon to secure it.

To make a garland card holder, gather several clothespins together. Coat one side of each clothespin with glue using a glue stick, and press a scrap of holiday wrapping paper to the glued side. Cut around the edges carefully with a craft knife to trim off the excess papers. Repeat this process on the other side of the pin. Clip the clothespins to a length of ribbon and hang it along a banister or elsewhere, clipping holiday cards to it as they arrive in the mail.

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