What Are Some Ideas for Carnival Games?

Some ideas for carnival games include ring toss, end of the rainbow and dino dig. Ring the bull, darts and crossbows are also popular games for the adults at a carnival.

To play ring toss, place a group of any objects in the center of a table. Give participants three rings and three chances each to ring one of the objects, which they can then keep. Objects can include cola bottles, stars with wooden pegs, small stuffed toys or just a wooden peg with separate prizes for ringing it. Another alternative is to keep small bowls of water or sand close together and give the participant three coins or tokens to try and throw into the containers. To play end of the rainbow, draw a rainbow on the ground with colored chalk and place five to 10 small pots or cups at either end of it. Ask participants to throw a maximum of three coins into the pots, and award a range of prizes depending on the number of coins potted.

For dino dig, fill a large tub with sand, and hide about 20 balls (dino eggs) in the sand. Put a tiny toy into 10 of the balls and a paper with the number two into the other 10 balls. Each participant digs to find a ball. If it has a toy, the participant keeps the ball and toy. If it has the paper, they get two different toys. To play ring the bull, grown-up participants try to lasso a moving mechanical bull. Each participant gets three chances and must lasso the bull at least once to get a prize.