What Are Some Ideas for Building and Decorating a Teepee?


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To make a no-sew teepee for children, arrange four 1 3/4-inch-by-6-foot poplar poles to form the teepee frame, and drill a hole through each pole. Insert jute rope in the holes, wrapping the rope around each pole as it is added, and tie the poles together. Cover the teepee with heavy canvas, secure the canvas at the top with a screw and washer, and decorate the interior of the teepee with a string of battery-operated lights.

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Another option is to make a teepee from five 9-foot-long poles and a large piece of canvas. Use a 7 1/2-foot string secured to the center of the canvas to cut a circle that is 15 feet wide from the canvas, and arrange the poles to form the teepee frame.

Secure the top of the poles with rope, and cut slits in the center of the canvas to slip it over the poles. Fold the flaps of the canvas back to form the door, and secure the door with branches or shorter poles. Decorate the canvas with markers or paint after wrapping it around the teepee frame.

Other options for decorating the teepee include placing a sheepskin or faux-fur rug and pillows inside the teepee and sewing embellishments, such as pom-pom trim or fringe, to the outside of the canvas.

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