What Are Some Ideas for Beautiful Front Door Wreaths?


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Wreathes can be made from a wide variety of natural and artificial materials. Moss and succulents make living wreathes that can decorate a door all year long. Dried flowers, herbs and other plant material also make beautiful wreathes for anytime of the year or to suit a specific season.

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The possibilities for a wreath are practically endless and are only limited by the imagination of the creator. Monochromatic wreathes, such as those made from moss, succulents or ferns, feature an abundance of texture and natural beauty. Dried herbs and flowers are also common materials for wreathes. Makers can combine different flowers and herbs or use a single variety. Dried lavender and sage can be used to make a beautiful and scented wreath. For short-term use, seasonal flowers can be used to adorn a wreath. Baby's breath, tulips and carnations are inexpensive flowers that can also be used.

Wreathes start with a base of wire, foam, straw or grapevines. Wreath forms are widely available at most craft stores. Material is attached to the base with wire, craft glue or hot glue. To attach material with floral wire, makers wrap a length of wire around the bottom edge of the object, then wrap the other end of the wire around the wire form or insert the wire into the foam. To obscure the wreath base and hide the wire, material is densely layered on the form.

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