What Are Some Ideas for a Baby Photo Album?

What Are Some Ideas for a Baby Photo Album?

To make a baby photo album, organize the photographs and pages chronologically, and include the baby's firsts, some growth details and hospital photos. It is also a good idea to add pre-baby photos in the album, such as photos of parents finding out about the pregnancy, sonogram photos and maternity photos.

Many baby books have the pages organized, which makes it easier to put it together. They typically include spaces for pictures of the baby shower or baby announcement cards, a photo of the baby’s first haircut and a picture of the baby’s footprints from the day of birth. Since it can be difficult knowing where to put each photograph and what details to include, organize it chronologically.

Start with the pre-baby photos, such as a series of pregnancy photos, and then go into pictures from the day of delivery. It is good to include hospital photos from before and after the birth.

The hospital photos are important, as many kids love to see pictures from the day they were born. Include details about the day, including the length of labor, and have pictures taken of the people visiting the hospital. Include stats like the weight, height and time of birth of the baby in this section.

Another great idea is including details about the baby’s name, including how the parents chose that name. This can go on a page with one of the baby’s first photos taken in the hospital or shortly after returning home.