What Are Some Iconic Pictures of Men?


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Some iconic pictures of men are Yousuf Karch's Winston Churchill portrait, Alberto Korda's photo of Che Guevara, and a 1951 photo of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue. Some others are a 1956 mug shot of Martin Luther King, Jr. and a photograph of Lyndon B. Johnson taking his presidential oath aboard Air Force One.

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A 1941 photo of Winston Churchill taken for the cover of Life magazine shows the leader with a disapproving scowl, reportedly a result of the photographer having confiscated his cigar. A 1960 photograph of revolutionary Che Guevara entitled "Guerrillero Heroico" has become a worldwide symbol for justice and revolution. In 1951, photographer Arthur Sasse asked Albert Einstein to smile for a birthday portrait. Instead, Einstein playfully stuck out his tongue and the resulting image became the most widely known photograph of the scientist in history.

A Montgomery, Alabama, mug shot of civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. was not discovered until many years after King's death and has since become an iconic image. Another powerful and iconic photo is a shot of Lyndon B. Johnson being sworn in as president immediately following the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Jacqueline Kennedy stands stoically at his side.

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