What Are Some Icebreaker Ideas for Ladies' Groups?

Some good icebreaker ideas for ladies' groups are the purse and shoe get acquainted games and Who Here...? To play the purse game, participants sit in a circle with their purses. Taking turns, each woman says her name and then pulls an important item from her bag. She then tells the group why it is so special to her, and why it is in her purse.

The shoe game begins as people start arriving. Upon entering, every lady removes one shoe and places it in a pile in the middle of the room. When everyone is there, each participant picks up a shoe that is not hers and then finds its match by looking at others' feet. She does not give the shoe to the rightful owner until that player had revealed one little-known fact about herself.

Before playing Who Here...?, the leader prepares questions ahead of time. Each begins with "Who here..." and ends with an interesting fact. Examples of sentence endings include "...has a preschooler," "...doesn't like coffee," "...read a book in the last week," "...prefers salty over sweets" and "...made her bed this morning." During the game, participants sit facing each other. The leader reads a question. Each woman who is able to answer "yes" to that question stands. Players have the opportunity to see similarities and differences among themselves.